We have successfully completed a broad range of design projects from commercial, retail, to small & large high-end residential projects. The result has consistently been projects that continue to be recognized for their professional quality and their creative, harmonious, and aesthetically pleasing impact. With this mindset, JMS Design Associates is able to create outdoor living spaces that truly reflect each homeowner's unique lifestyle.


In each commission, it is our responsibility to thoroughly understand client needs and desires, and to accomplish our work in a creative, timely and cost-sensitive manner.  We seek always to perform each of our tasks with intense curiosity and a commitment to exploration that ultimately leads to the creation of unique, functional design solutions that appropriately meet each client’s requirements. We couple our creative design talents with precise knowledge of construction materials and methods, resulting in a continuum of reliable cost estimating. Our focused construction management skills gained over more than twenty years of landscape architectural experience further guarantee the success of each project we undertake.


Our relationship with each client begins with an initial meeting at the home, or at the site of the proposed work.  The parameters of the project are discussed in detail, resulting in the development of a program outlining the elements of the project. It is from this outline program that the professional landscape design services necessary to successfully complete the project is defined.

  • Then, at the office, we'll prepare a written proposal that identifies the scope of services to be provided, the products to be delivered, the estimated time of completion of professional services, and the fee for these services. Usually the fee for a project is established as a “lump sum fee” for all landscape architectural tasks. Generally, professional services are divided into three phases: Schematic Designs, the Approved Design Phase & the Construction Document Phase. The fee established in the proposal is proportionately allocated to each phase.
  • Throughout the Schematic Design Phase, reviews are held with the client. Work on Construction Documents commences when a final design has been approved by the client.
  • Estimates of cost of the proposed work are also prepared through our various subcontractors and reviewed.  For most projects, this will include the preparation of various drawings, including Site Layout and Dimension Plan; Construction Details; Planting Plan; Irrigation Schematic; Lighting Schematic; and Specifications. On more complex projects, a Demolition Plan, a Tree Relocation Plan, and other drawings may also be prepared as needed.

Unlike most Landscape Designers, JMS Design Associates has the capacity to oversee both the design and installation of your project. That means you can be certain that a competent, professional company will be by your side from consultation to completion. Once you and one of our designers agree on a plan, you won't need to find your own contractors. JMS Design Associates handles it all with our in-house contractors we know and trust.  It's really that simple.